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18. new york. graphic design student.
I like big ideas, coffee, & strange feelings. Learning to appreciate the subtleties of life.


Roundhand Lettering Demo by Glen Weisge.
At first glance this painting presents a flat black surface. But longer viewing reveals more than one shade of black and an underlying geometric structure. Reinhardt has divided the canvas into a three-by-three grid of squares. The black in each corner square has a reddish tone; the shape
between them formed by the center squares is bluish-black in its vertical bar and greenish-black in its horizontal bar. Reinhardt tried to produce what he described as “a pure, abstract, non-objective, timeless, spaceless, changeless, relationless, disinterested painting—an object that is self-conscious (no unconsciousness), ideal, transcendent, aware of no thing but art.”

Abstract Painting
Ad Reinhardt
Edward Ruscha